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Membership Development session

IEEE Membership Development Session was held at the seminar hall of SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, by the EXECOM IEEE SSET SB in the guidance of our Branch Counsellor , Mrs. Sonal Ayyappan.

The meetup was addressed by MDC Link Team , Mr. Feny Roy , who pointed out the importance of an engineering student in being a part of the IEEE family. He shared clear visions on why a student shall choose IEEE and its benefits.

The core purpose of IEEE is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Mr. Feny Roy conveyed the information regarding various scopes in being an IEEE member including workshops , fests , women in engineering and so on. Starting from the true meaning of an engineer , he also shared thoughts regarding the purpose of IEEE and its basic vision. The story behind the website '' exampled by him provoked the audience to be an active memeber of IEEE.

Feedbacks and suggestions regarding the session were shared . With a thanks giving speech by the Membership Development Coordinator.

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