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Updated: Apr 23, 2022

IEEE CS SBC SSET with WiE, were able to host a successful jam competition in our institution, allowing young orators to exhibit their talent, inventiveness, and language abilities.

The Competition featured an exciting prize pool of 1K Rupees and it was held on the 19th of September, 2021 with an active participation of 24 outstanding candidates. In the single minute allotted to each participant to present their assigned topic, the two judges who evaluated the event saw a combination of skill, imagination, creativity, and spontaneity.

Each competitor was assigned different topics by the organizers in advance where the criteria of evaluation was based on linguistic efficiency, word pronunciation, and so on.

After a spirited contest through Google Meet that lasted nearly two hours, the evaluators unanimously picked Diona Joseph of Amal Jyothi college of Engineering as the event's winner with 12 points. The second position was bagged by Gokul Unni of SCMS School of Engineering and Technology with 11 points and the third place was awarded to Joyel Babu of NIMIT with 10 points.

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