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IEEE SSET SB along with IEEE CS SBC SSET conducted a panel discussion on “Future of Cryptocurrency'' on May 1st. The event started at 11 am sharp. The moderator started the event by introducing the judges Mr. Nitin Sathish and Mr. Arjun V Pillai. Next, all the panelists were introduced by the moderator one by one and were given a maximum time of five minutes to speak on their topic. After that session, the panelists were allowed to speak if they didn’t exceed their time limit in the introductory session. Then the judges and the audience were given the chance to ask the panelists any questions or doubts they had on the topic. The panelists discussed the solution to their queries and concluded after they got an answer. The panel discussion had thus come to an end. The judges gave their advice on how to improve speaking skills and encouraged the panelists to participate in more panel discussions. The moderator concluded the event by thanking the judges, panelists, and the audience for their esteemed presence. The competition lasted for 1 hour and 30 mins.

Gokul Unni from SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, Salih Yoosaf from Mar Athanasius, and Anjali Krishna from SCMS School of Engineering and Technology were declared as the best speakers of the competition.

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