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Student Branch Chair

​   Duties of  Student Branch Chair

  1. Preside at all meetings of the Student Branch.

  2. Hold regular meetings of the Branch Executive Committee.

  3. Appoint Program, Publicity, and Membership committee Chairs promptly.

  4. Complete the Student Branch Annual Plan – due no later than 1 February

  5. Arrange for the election of new Officers annually and report via vTools Officer Reporting

  6. Student Branch Meeting/Event Reporting (4 per year):

  7. Ensure smooth transition of information and materials to newly elected Officers and arrange an orderly transfer of Student Branch records.

  8. Coordinate activities with local Section and Region volunteers. Information can be found via:

  9. Communicate frequently with local University IEEE Student Branches.

Vice Chair

​    Duties of Student Branch Vice Chair

  1. Chair the Program and Membership Committees.

  2. Organize field trips or special events beyond regular program efforts.

  3. Assist the Branch Chair in following up on assigned committee responsibilities.

  4. Perform all functions of the Branch Chair in his/her absence or upon request.


​    Duties of Student Branch Secretary

  1. Keep detailed minutes of each meeting.

  2. Maintain the membership roster and committee assignments on the Branch website (

  3. Be responsible for all correspondence.

  4. Post a calendar of events. Meetings and Events should also be reported for all IEEE members to view via:

  5. Ensure that the Branch Constitution and Bylaws are adhered to.

  6. Arrange for an orderly transfer of all records to the incoming Secretary.


​    Duties of Student Branch Treasurer

  1. Maintain the appropriate financial accounts. Your bank account should be interest bearing and require two signatures; the faculty counselor should always be one of those signatures.

  2. Prepare an annual budget for inclusion in the Student Branch Annual Plan (due 1 February annually –

  3. Prepare the final Financial Statement for inclusion in the Student Branch Annual Plan.

  4. Oversee all fundraising efforts.

  5. Arrange for an orderly transfer of all financial records to the incoming Treasurer.


​    Duties of Student Branch LINK Representative

  1. Act as the bridge between IEEE LINK & the Student Branch

  2. Also have a contact with various chapter student EXECOM.

  3. Timely passing of the information regarding various LINK Activities.

  4. Maintain a communication between various LINK Representatives.


​    Duties of Student Branch Membership Development Coordinator

  1. Increase the membership growth of the Student Branch.

  2. Increase the retention rate of the Student Branch.

  3. Conduct various activities to increase the strength of Student Branch.

  4. Know steps to renew  your IEEE membership.

  5. Create an awareness among the Students about IEEE and its benefits.

WIE Chair

​    Duties of Student Branch Women In Engineering Chair

  1. Timely reporting of WIE activities

  2. Work and coordinate WIE Student Branch Activities.

  3. Communicate frequently with other office bearers specially Student Branch Chair.

  4. Work with section and region WIE officers.

  5. Ensure smooth operation of Student Branch & WIE in Student Branch.

  6. Ensure active participation of volunteers in WIE events.


​    Duties of Student Branch Electronics Communication Coordinator

  1. Maintain contact with all possible ECCs of Student Branches across the section.

  2. Give maximum publicity to Student Branch events.

  3. Responsible for all sort of timely inter Student Branchas well as intra Student Branch communication.

  4.  Update Student Branch Social media pages regularly.


​    Duties of Student Branch Webmaster

  1. Update Student Branch websites timely.

  2. Assist the ECC in maintain the Student Branch social media platforms.

  3. Update the website and do the necessary activities to increase the Website engagements.

  4. Help the volunteers to access the website and clear their doubts regarding the website operations.

Event Coordinator

​    Duties of Student Event Coordinator

  1. Help the Student Branch Chair to Organize and Coordinate the Events.

  2. Oversee each phase of the event to ensure it runs smoothly.

  3. Understand requirement for each event.

  4. Plan event with attention to financial and time constraints.

  5. Do final checks at the day of the event to ensure everything meets standards.

Content Lead

​    Duties of Student Branch Content Lead

  1. Write promotional Content for Student Branch events.

  2.  Write email contents.

  3. Write contents for Student Branch News letter.

  4. Write content for Student Branch magazine.

  5. Help budding content writers in Student Branch.

  6. Guide the Editorial Team.

Design Lead

​    Duties of Student Branch Design Lead

  1. Make timely posters for Student Branch events.

  2. Design Student Branch news letter.

  3. Design Student Branch Magazine.

  4. Help budding designers in Student Branch

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